The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, within its competences and responsibilities, is following with particular attention all international developments and particularly the cases in which a crisis situation in a Third Country may involve a risk for Cypriot citizens. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues relevant Travel Advices aiming at protecting and facilitating Cypriot citizens.

Travel Advices reflect a considered and careful assessment of the risks involved for Cypriot citizens travelling to various countries. The data and information that are used for the said assessment are based on the best available information, gathered by the reports of the Cypriot Diplomatic and Consular Missions abroad and by Travel Advices issued by other Countries, especially EU Member-States. Cypriot travellers can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be informed about specific travel destinations. While every effort is being made to ensure that the Travel Advices offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are accurate and up-to-date, they should not be considered as being exhaustive and definite. Moreover, it should be noted that the absence of a Travel Advice for a particular country (or region) does not necessarily constitute an assurance of safety, since the situation could rapidly change from one day to another, and in various parts within the same country.

It should be stressed that the final responsibility for undertaking a trip, always rests with the individual concerned and that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss suffered, as a result of reliance on information provided in their websites.

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