Exercise Smart

Get moving. It’s one of the best treatments. It won’t make your cellulite disappear, but strong muscles under lumpy areas can make your skin look more even.

Eat More Raw Foods

Eat more fiber – in whole grains, fruit, and vegetables – instead of “empty”-calorie foods. The simple or “refined” carbs found in many breads, candy, and soft drinks just add calories. This leads to fat, especially in cellulite-prone areas.

Lose a Few Pounds

Skinny or plump, you can have cellulite. But extra weight often makes it more visible. If you’re overweight, the best remedy is to shed a few pounds. Try to lose weight slowly, though. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, it might show up in areas where your skin is loose.

Add Retinol Cream to Your Routine

When you scan ads for firming creams, look for the word retinol. It won’t cure cellulite but it can improve your skin’s look and texture. A product with 0.3% retinol is best. You need to use it for at least 6 months to see effects. It should thicken your skin’s outer layer to help cover bumpy areas underneath.

Naturally Moisturizing Every Day

Moisturizing on a daily basis will help reduce cellulite from your body and leave your skin smoother. Always choose a natural moisturizer or just use Coconut Oil. With either option, you just rub it all over your body immediately after showering. Massaging these in after you’re done showering will firm the skin, removing cellulite if done on a daily basis.

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