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It is very important to take good care of our skin with often treatments and use of products. But, as important as getting often facial treatments is, it is even more important to know what you should and shouldn’t do after leaving the salon. Here are some facial treatment tips:

Do avoid picking on your skin

You really should try to avoid this all the time, but your skin is especially sensitive after a facial. Though it’s tempting to pop every tiny blackhead or whitehead, keep your hands off if you want beautiful skin. There’s a reason your therapist didn’t nix them herself.

Do skip the heavy makeup and skin-care products

After a Deep Cleansing Facial it is normal for your face to look red from the exfoliation or extractions. You might be tempted to whip out your heaviest full-coverage concealer. It’s smart though to give your skin a break from makeup and heavy products for a day or so. That’s because your pores are more open than normal and therefore susceptible to more bacteria. Taking a break from makeup will also allow the serums, creams, or peels used during the treatment to be more effective.

Do rethink that post-facial massage

An important facial treatment tip to consider is that if you’re treating yourself to a full spa day, your best bet is to get a massage before your facial so you don’t have to worry about your delicate post-facial skin rubbing against the massage table. Or go for an upright neck and back massage in a chair.

Do reschedule your workout

If you didn’t get the chance to work out before your facial you might be tempted to sneak it in right after, but wait at least a day. The increased heat in the skin and sweat can be irritating to your freshly exfoliated skin.

Don’t use any face exfoliators

Another facial treatment tip you should consider, is that over-exfoliating can damage your skin’s protective layer and can lead to inflammation. Since most facials incorporate an exfoliant—either chemical or physical— it’s recommended to skip anything that could irritate your skin for several days after the treatment. Stick with a gentle facial cleanser instead, like Medik8’s Micellar Mousse cleanser. Find it at Quick spa Larnaca’s online shop.

Don’t use any acne products and other at-home treatments

When it comes to post-facial care it’s best not to overdo it on products, and this is especially true when it comes to harsh, potentially irritating products. This includes retinols, at-home peels and cleansers and toners with salicylic acid. These products can turn that fresh post-facial radiance into redness. It’s also best to avoid most face masks that could cause inflammation to the sensitive from a facial skin. One exception to this rule is hydrating masks that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Such is, Medik8’s Ultimate Recovery Bio-Cellulose Mask.

Don’t go out in the sun

Last, but not least, after any facial treatment and, specifically, after a deep cleansing facial, you should cancel any plans to sit pool or beachside after your facial. Because your skin has just been exfoliated, it is more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. After a few days you can worry less about your skin reacting negatively to the sun, but it’s still smart to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day.

And remember to choose your salon and therapist wisely, as well as the products you use. You can find more information on professional facial care products at Also, book your treatment online at

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